What entertains…

via Daily Prompt: Entertain

Boredom is one of man’s greatest enemies.It cannot  be kept at bay for ever.People engage in things of interest to them to overcome this common enemy.In other words,they seek to entertain themselves.

What may be entertaining to one may be outright boring to another. Nevertheless, man has succeeded in inventing or rather,discovering ways of entertainment.Newer activities of entertainment are formed every day.The latest of these inventions being  fidget spinners.

But one wonders,with those hundreds of new means of entertainment every year,how can boredom ever disturb us.It should have been wiped out of people’s mind.But it still takes root in one,causing one to be restless.

With the latest innovations flooding the market just for the satisfaction of man,the older and arguably more reliable means of entertainment are still up and running.An example is books-The uniquely portable magic. None can ever forget the pleasure of reading a good book,being swept into those world by the author’s magical words,and the dread as well as the anticipation to finish it off.

But alas,boredom still creeps up on you and you are left in a depressing stage.

On the contrary,boredom can be seen as the time to take your mind off entertainment and practice the art of idleness.The time when you are doing nothing but still feels satisfied.Sometimes just being you is entertaining enough.


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