Hi world!

I began blogging on a dare.But the satisfaction it gave me was immense. I felt accomplished when I publish a blog of my own. But being relatively new, I too fell in what I call the blogging slump. Unlike the book slump, I want to write a blog but is just not able to make myself do it.

So then I decided to make this blog more personal so that I can just pour my heart out instead of writing articles(bored expression)

Ssssoo,here I am .I am a girl of 16,living from South India with an overpowering need to prove people wrong.When somebody says “you can’t do that”, I make it my life’s goal to do it.ha ha Not funny.Living in India,the social restrictions imposed are numerous and how can you blame a teenager for wanting to break at least a few of them?

I started this blog with no pre-blogging plans.I thought I would just write out some thing I strongly about(which are a lot) and maybe add some hashtags and a few book reviews and food reviews(being both a foodie and a bookie).

I am a feminist and that too a hardcore one(being one in India is not that easy)and you will find some strong emotions here.

And, I am a dreamer living in my world of fantasies.I live out a life that I want to in my head.

So,that’s it about me…and I am opening up because I believe that you will only be able to perceive the things I write about in my way if you know me personally

And I would like to know you awesome people out there too.It would be fun knowing people from different parts of the world ,and that too personally…and if any of you out there is on the search for a pen pal(or rather mail pal.*wink*), you are always welcome.

Just mail me in the mail address available or put yours in the comments.We sure can bond..

So bye, till my next post and I don’t know when( because I am a school going girl and I have my exams next week) So please don’t feel bad if I don’t reply immediately.



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