Book review no 1


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One word..Massive.

Trust me.I hate cliche books.But this one was just so…right.

It all begins with Amelia going to her school on her first day and guess what,she bumps into the world’s most arrogant,intimidating guy..Aiden Parker.Not to mention his best friends Noah and Mason.Amelia literally terms them walking skyscrapers.Hot skyscrapers!!

Amelia,who had decided to not attract attention towards herself ends up being THE most discussed about person in school by……standing up to him.

As the book unwinds,we get to know there is a lot of histories left unacknowledged.

I am not going to ruin your roller coaster ride with my blabbering.But here is my request

Do not judge it until you finish.Trust me. You won’t regret reading it.

It has just the right amount of snarkiness and sarcasm. And there is a lot going on in everybody’s life. So enjoy the read. You’ll love it

Don’t forget to let me know what you think of it..!


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