On Word Hunt

“You haven’t written in days”my mind kept whispering to me and I had no choice to come back to WordPress ,where I somehow feel at home.In my element.But I open my laptop and sit back.And,as usual,my mind ,which was brimming with ideas almost till a second ago,stopped working.

Haha. Funny.

You should know something.I am a person who starts writing on an impulse without any idea of what I am going to write.And it has worked for me perfectly.I feel unbound,free when I write in that way.So ,I opened my laptop,and my mind chose to stop pestering me and take a little nap at that precise moment and I sat there staring blankly.I had no words in my usually overflowing with thoughts mind.Then I decided on surfing Pinterest, which is major inspiration and found this beautiful wordBrood

Now,what is so special with brood? You hear it all the time!Well ,yes.We do hear it all the time.But how many stop to think about it?

To brood is to think alone.In solitude .Just you and your thoughts.Now ,does it appear shallow?

No.It doesn’t. And if you don’t find it that way,then read the word again.

Brood.With a b.

It is such a deep word carrying a lot of meanings in itself.It can apply to a person silently involved in thoughts.It can apply to a person replaying the events of that day.A person,simply in thought,is also brooding.Get it? It is deep.It is beautiful. It is unique.

Isn’t every word?


Offended by me brooding of Brood?Want to share a few suggestions?Or have you too come across a word you find beautiful  or just different? Share it with me by commenting and liking.You guys are always welcome to mail me too.




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