Wrath and the Dawn


This is one highly recommended book and I managed to read it right after my exams. Yipee! I am a free bird!


Okay .So this is going to be a spoiler.

This book is set in the land of  “A Thousand And One Nights”.The caliph of Khorasan , Khalid, is the cruel and unfeeling monster who marries a bride every and hangs her on dawn.The monster who hates women due to his mother who had an affair with another man and was killed by his father in front of his own eyes.

And then, comes Shahrzad. The girl who volunteered for the marriage ,and following it, her death.But she is here with an aim.Avenge the death of her best friend who left this world because of this monster’s cruelty.And she will.

But then, she finds that nothing is as it seems and this boy king before her is just a shadow of who he really is.Read the whole book to find out why.And if you haven’t yet,don’t continue reading this blog ‘coz what follows is going to spoil your view on the book and I don’t want my views to pollute yours.


So here is what I felt after reading the book.I found it to be over-rated.And under-evaluated. I read it on my friend’s recommendations and was eager to read it because my friend who was a good critique had given real positive opinion about it.But after reading it ,I was..surprised.


Sure,it’s a good book.It has a good plot, a good story line. But that was not what I’d expected.Right,who am I to criticize a best selling book? Please note that this is just my opinion and what I felt about it and I believe that I have the right to expression.So I am NOT going to apologize.

As I said ,it is a good book.And I like it.But the thing is I had expected it to be one that would make me sit before the laptop for hours unable to move.But it didn’t. I finished and was still waiting for it to grip me.

But I enjoyed the book and do recommend it.In case you have a different perspective,let me know!


till my next post.



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