Ssso,it’s been so long since I had written and there a lot to tell.But I opened my laptop with a blank head and am right now thinking about what to write about.

Last year was a year of  major change in my life.I finished my 10th grade and changed schools.The school I’d studied in earlier was my home away from home for ten years.That was the place where I grew up,where I erred and later succeeded,lost and won.So,a sudden change was difficult.

My new school was different.For one thing,it was older than mine.For another,it was completely wonderful.I loved every moment I spent there during the first one week.But,I started feeling the blues almost a fortnight after.I felt aloof,the differences vociferous.Everyone was so guarded.

But I soon found,or rather etched my place.It was months later that I realized that i never bothered about  fitting in,I didn’t care.And,maybe it was just because I was older by a year,I soon started being so much more than who I was.I discovered sides of mine I never would have thought existed.I stopped being afraid of being the outcast.I realized I loved the solitude of being one.I realized I didn’t have to do something because all others were.I was confident enough to walk away.And above all,I discovered myself.I discovered my strengths,my weaknesses and realized I loved them all the same, the dark and light,the heat and the cold,the dry and the wet.

I have been blabbering on for so long.So,my point is,you may feel everything’s toppling over , everything you knew disappearing.But if you,in the place of the apprehension , feel  excitement and  yearning, then take the step forward,however misty the path is.You will find strength and weakness,love and hate in harmony.But above all,you will find yourself.Sure,you’ll feel dreary and tired at times,but will also have the belief that everything’s going to be alright and you’re going to be great.

Just keep moving.Life’s wonderful.

Love and kisses


It’s a dare

Share with me your experiences of change and what you think about it.What got you through?


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