Its a New,New Year

Hey you beauties..

Its been so long since I wrote something and I am going to admit something now.Its a new year so don’t I too deserve new slates???(puppy eyes)

Yeah,so I started this site on a dare(its extremely easy to get me going) and I hate typing (Call me old fashioned).There it is .And that is why I’ve lagged behind.But the enormous sense of achievement and belongingness I felt was awesome.

I had started out with my 50 Things To Be Grateful About and this is my second year.(excited!!!)I wrote it joining this community found by Dawn Quyle Landau.Check out her site here : too can join this circle of gratitude by visiting her site.You’ll find the directions there.

So,let’s get started.I just realised I used ‘so’ too much.

  1. My parents.
  2. Food
  3. Poetry
  4. love
  5. art
  6. origami
  7. my sista’
  8. my friends,all of’em
  9. movies
  10. one direction
  11. the penguin
  12. robin
  13. how i met your mother
  14. modern family
  15. my gratitude jar(different story)
  16. fireworks
  17. tu bas naach and all the talented women out there
  18. life
  19. books
  20. coffee
  21. my grandmother.
  22. sunlight
  23. wind
  24. future
  25. hope
  26. hairbands
  27. short hair
  28. democracy
  29. ink pens
  30. bookshops
  32. journalism
  33. got
  34. cold
  35. bedcovers
  36. shoes(old)
  37. music
  38. alexa
  39. pics
  40. my nails
  41. birthdays
  42. school
  43. staplers
  44. nph
  45. the joker
  46. teenage
  47. internet
  48. the sea
  49. forts.
  50. mud
  51. dry leaves
  52. my ladder
  53. the roof
  54. burnt paper smell
  55. hugs
  56. laps to sit
  57. the gospel friday day prgrm(niv)
  58. spellbee
  59. playing ice and water
  60. adulting
  61. the trip
  62. red cheeks from play
  63. exercise
  64. kites
  65. liberty
  66. windows
  67. moss
  68. snow
  69. roadtrips
  70. car windows
  71. trees
  72. rock art
  73. hp
  74. islands
  75. smell of books
  76. giftwraps
  77. star projector
  78. beef
  79. all those aunts and uncles
  80. dreams
  81. deja vu
  82. unexpected friends
  83. my future pet
  84. determination
  85. swing chair
  86. rain
  87. blue
  88. sky
  89. oreo
  90. electricity
  91. sanitary pads
  92. carnatic dance
  93. the brook nearby
  94. neighbourhood
  95. snacks
  96. pdfs
  97. smiles from a stanger
  98. karma
  99. self
  100. google
  101. puddings
  102. creativity
  103. new beginnings
  104. bookshelves that seem to run out
  105. badass women
  106. sand
  107. tears
  108. smiles
  109. early risings
  110. cake

That’s it.And I don’t even know why some of them even came up.Make sure you too join this community by visiting

I think life,in the end,is about being you,wherever you are.So just stick on to who you are and never ever give up.#Bloggers Unitenew year




18 thoughts on “Its a New,New Year

  1. Avalonia (is that your name?), I love this list! It is simple–– no big explanations, as so many folks feel compelled to do, and filled with wonderful elements of your life and world. Each year I get such enormous inspiration from reading each of the blog posts that are linked to mine. There is always something magical in glimpsing into the world, the soul, of those who share. So, thanks for taking part and adding your Attitude of Gratitude list; I am grateful.

    Just so you know: the link you provided for instructions (back to my blog) doesn’t work. The one at the bottom does, but the first one takes readers to some strange page. Not sure that it matters, but just letting you know. Thanks again, and Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words and also thankyou for creating such a beautiful idea.Gratitude and love does bring people together.And,Happy New Year too.

      Liked by 1 person

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