This is a part of the SoCS  initiative by Linda G Hill.This is my first with you Linda,so sorry if anything’s wrong.But I can’t help being amazed by you putting forward a prompt that is so…different.

My first reaction was blank.I didn’t find anything relateable.Then it came to me.Sep,Sep,September.Since I am too lazy to write even the name of a month that occurs approximately once in 20 days while I write,I retroted to writing sep.Sep for September.

Wel,for any of you who might see the pictures above and be wondering what that was about,Sep is a very joyous time for me.I am from India,Kerala,to be precise.Kerala,my state,also called God’s Own Country had recently faced a massive flood(refer All Consumig).And it occured exactly two weeks before Onam,the most celebratory time for Malayalees.Every single person born in this land,irrespective of caste,religion waits eagerly for this festival.And it is synnymous with Sep.

Just like how December stands for Christmas,September reminds us of Onam.And last year’s was even more heart touching.When we were sure there was no hope left,when people were  stuck in houses with water around threatening to engulf them,reaching their top floors,the sudden floods having made the govt.and disaster response systems obsolete,help came from  some of the most unlikely people.The fishermen.It was the immediate response from some selfless people,who cared for the safety of others more than their own that brought Kerala back up on its feet.The Defence systems of the country became subsidiary to their dedication.This Onam was for them.The whole state is indebted to them for saving lives vauable to them.

That was the true spirit of Onam there.It was the festival of posperity when the state decided to forego its usual aplomb in reverance towards the unfortunate victims of the flood.The experience taught us that help,can come from any quarter and thet humanity will prevail over all

You’ll find directions in Linda’s page to join this community.Also,thankyou Linda for such a creatible(creative+ relatible) prompt.


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