The Flu

We all have those days when we basically just wish we were dead,right?When you want to stay in bed but is so restless you couldn’t possibly sleep?When you want as much covering because you are cold but you sweat inside and just wish it would go away?Like,’it’?IT it ?

You’re down with the flu and everything’s tasteless and life’s just so dull and sad ?

But that’s also the time you see angels walking on Earth and when you feel disoriented and think”I am going Maad” comes a hand on you’re forehead and says” You should have something or you won’t get better”

You might be a six year old or a sixty year old,but these days ,you find people who care for you.They might pretend they don’t but when they don’t see you at school or college or work for days,the will be at your door,tentative,prepared to say “Oh ,I just wanted my book back” but will stay with you and panic and rage for you and help you get better.Or it can be your mother,kissing you on your forehead before she rushes off,guiltily to a meeting she couldn’t afford to miss,or your father,ready to take leave or your sister making you ‘chai’ with no milk to help you recover or your granny, doting on you and checking your temperature time to time.No matter who they are,they let us know they love and care for us in their own ways.And beneath the covers on your smile ,a weak yet happy one.That’s my memory stone of flu

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