Smells To Love


There are times when you’re thinking about how crowded the streets are and how far from home you are in this new land and you suddenly enter a sleepy old store of God-Knows-What and the next second,bang…an army of exotic smells assault your nose.And if you are somebody like me who associates feelings with smells, you would probably go around smelling every single object there.

I love my nose.It’s pointy and smells and is the first indicator of my pressure levels rising even before my eyes well up.And the smells it smells…

I love books and the smell of a good book is so oddly satisfying,I don’t lnow what to say.The moment I get a new book,all I do is smell is and sigh!And jasmines!They are beautiful.They are easy to take care of but very difficult to thrive,its like it decides if you are worthy of it.And it smells heavenly.It’s sharp,assaulting and reminds me of night.And night too is one of my favourite smells.It sort of smells cold,has a definitive element of mystery in it.




And,my favourite of favourites,the smell I would love to wear ….(drumroll please) Burnt newspapers!! 

They smell like everything I love.It has a woody,earthy smell sort of reminiscent of the tree it once was.And the best part is it never loses its smell.

Well ,that is about my favourite smells.If anyone out there has some other unusual smells just let me know.

Yours Truly


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