If I could describe a saree in one word,i would be Versatile.This piece of cloth 6m long draped around a woman transforming her into her best self,giving her a sense of pride,grace and elegance.That is what saree is about.

It might take some time , some practice and a little bit of patient confidence.Sure,it can be a bit of a hassle,you might sweat,feel suffocated beacuse you forgot to alter your blouse or you  ight just want to pee.But when she steps into the limelight,she would forget evrything else and just bask in all that attention.

And it is so versatile.A Tamillian,a Malayali,a Bengali, a Konkani,a Rajasthani,a Gujarati woman would all wear a saree embodying different spirits of her land in completely different ways and still manage to look stunning.

And with my farewell(sort of like final year prom minus the dates and dancing) of my twelth grade fast approaching,I had to choose oone too.And even though I have worn it a couple of times I finally felt like I’d achieved womanhood when my mother took me to buy a saree for myslf,my first saree in my life.And that’s when I realised the best thing about saree.It’s a private matter of pride for a mother to see her daughter grow old enough to inherit her saree.Moms and grandmoms wait for such occasions to which they attach emotions so intense it would bring tears  to any “punk”teenager.In fact , all things ,especially,gold and sarees inherited or ancestoral are more valuable than anything new.And this is the fact that keeps it the most favourite of all for Indian women,the sense of antiquity,pride and oneness you feel on your first saree draping session when your mother drops down on her knees to meticulously plait it to fit you,to make you your elegant best,the whiffs of memories and the rustle of new silk.


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