Farewell day…

IMG_20190201_170634that’s mine..(the pic)tell me what you think*wink*

Yaay!  It’s finally over.

Today was my twelfth standard farewell,at school.Our farewell is basically just a day spent with lots of music and dance completely oraganised by our juniors.And I wore a saree!!!

The day’s over and my leg’s aching from standing in heels all day but the day was hella memorable.

I was apprehensive about going and I am absolutely tired but this took me back to my first day in BCRS,the rain in the air,the music from our band wafting over,me walking through the corridors,marvelling at the ambience and the beautiful background and meeting all my present day friends for the first time.And while howling at the top of our voice today made me marvel about the wonder called life.It takes you on this journey and some people you meet on the way you wouldn’t even have given a second thought to become your best friends.Some saty forever and some leave.But it isn’t just a cliche` sayin that Life’s a journey.It really is.

And I just want to live…

P S the pic on top is oof my earring


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