Friendship and how its been lately

Hi,nice to meetcha’

It all began that way.

Some,I liked, some I didn’t.And for some reason, I am highy suspicious of,the one’s I seem to immediately spot and say “that one’s gonna be my bestieee!” ,NEVER DOES.It happens every single time.

All my best friends are people I didn’t like in the beginning.And it playes out that way.And I’m happy for it.

Now,looking back,I see that the ones that belonged with me actually found their way to me somehow.They came and they settled and I’m pretty sure they won’t be leaving any time soon.People say I seem wiser than my age.But it does seem like the universe is planning and plotting(evil grin) to make life happen the way it does.And that’s how it is supposed to be.I would never trade what I’ve got now for anything else.

It seems cliche`, but life really is a roller coaster.And had it not been so ,with its jerks and whoops and ouches and sometimes with it going smoothly for a time making us feel its a smooth ride,it would decide to accelerate at 100  iles an hour and next thing you know,you”ll be hangin’ from the rails,upside down.

Yes,it is exhausting.But then you remember those idiots who make you laugh when you just want to crawl under a rock and die,or in my case,smash someone’s head on a wall and the world seems a little less gloomand a bit more bright.

And I don’t know if I”ll find that person whom I would from the bottom of my heart call”Best Friend” but till then I’m waiting for the next stop upside down(roller coaster thing!)



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