Poetry and Evolution

First of all,I was a person who was not granted much attention as a child and so,I used to find it odd that people listen to what I have to say and I’m still baffled when I find people liking my post.But I am slowly overcoming that a huge thank you to all those people who do.

Wow,that felt good!

That’s what led me to poetry.

Let me tell you how it started.

I was an avid reader who ,as a child,both baffled and delighted her parents with asking for books as birthday presents instead of dresses(like how normal people do,right??) I would read anything that was printed ,and I meant anything.I loved it without knowing I did and found solace in it.But poetry was one thing I didn’t even bother to spare a lance at.It was simply boring for that 13-year-old me.

I used to write prose well(I believe!) and one day I had to write something for the class magazine,in 11th Grade. I came home and having  nothing much on my mind,opened my notebook ,determined to give a try at poetry.And I wrote my first SERIOUS poem “FEARS MADE ME TALL”. I began writing it with something on my mind and it soon turned into something else.

And then I wrote another.Then another.And it went on.

Now I still love reading and honestly,I haven’t read much poetry ,just three books.But now,I see myself as a poet in the future.I want to be recognised as one.I would be happier than anything else ,if one day,I a recognised as a poet.

And the thing that kept me away from poems as child was the fact that it seemed just too formal.Milton and Shakespeare and all those accomplished poets don’t touch me.They don’t inspire me to pen down another one but contemporary poets like Amanda Lovelace and Karthika Nair and even Madhavi Kutty do(they’re the few poets I ‘ve read).And it is because their writing seems  more real,like it comes from the heart and is as unique.They don’t follow or even take notice of al those poetic devices you are supposed to use.They are comfortable in their own shells and niche`.Andthat is the enormous amount of freedom that poetry gives me.When I sit down to write on my favourite Archies journal using my favourite midnight blue ink pen,(I write only using my ink pen) I have this unprecedented freedom to explore myself with absolutely no conditions to adhere.

Poetry makes me ME.It is the undiluted and unveiled me in my poems.

And that,in today’s world where robots are made to churn out poetry,EVOLUTION.


PS,if there’s any poet out there reading this, please let me know.I would love to read yours.



2 thoughts on “Poetry and Evolution

  1. This is so relatable to me too. Poems simply didn’t touch me as much as reading a short story did in my teen years. Maybe it’s because I was more of a thinking from the mind at that age later as life went as experiences piled up I could relate the verses of a poet in my life. Maybe that’s the purpose of poems – language of the hearts.

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