School day no.1

I went to a temple that day,and my parents made me sleep early

Basking in the untoward attention,I slept with no knowledge of future

The next day,I found them giddy and hustling to get me ready

I was bathed and brushed,and donned in new clothes

I found people kissing my forehead,and I started feeling slightly suspicious

And together we set off

They took me to a place where similar clothed children came

Varying in sizes and my suspicions were confirmed…School

I wrote this for my first day at school.I was 4 and I went to this huge campus.My parents took me to my class.There were children inside,playing,talking and a lady,who was my teacher,smiling outside.But the momentI saw this,I started crying,I threw a trantrum and the entire class,having kids who had barely managed to keep their sobs in check cry with me too,the cry an ode to the familiar spaces we inhabited and from where we were brandished for the day.This led to a lot more kids outside cry too and the teacher,in shock of her hard toil of calming children down gone to waste,looked at me accusingly.

Yep,I made a leader of myself on my first day of school.

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